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Kattintson ide, ha ön magyarországi érdeklődő!

During my 16 years of teaching Buteyko, I have observed that the most significant challenge for Buteyko method learners is to feel and maintain the ideal level of reduced breathing. Another problem is that very few can consistently focus their attention on their breathing because their activities distract them.

I have pondered long and hard on how to assist them even when I am not present to provide feedback on their breathing.

Finally, I found the solution!

Fortunately, besides being a Buteyko therapist, I am also an electrical engineer. This fortunate combination allowed me to invent and develop the Buteyko Smart Belt™, which is highly sensitive and vibrates to alert whenever an unhealthy breath is taken. In a short time – a few hours or days – you become aware of your large breaths and can even prevent them. You will witness how much more effective your reduced breathing becomes and how much progress you make with the Buteyko method when using the Buteyko Smart Belt™!

Until now, we haven’t had any objective feedback on the amount of air we inhale or the extent of our breathing reduction. That’s why I developed the Buteyko Smart Belt™, which, similar to the vibration of a mobile phone, alerts you whenever you take larger breaths than healthy!
Your entire day will become a Buteyko exercise if you use it:

  • Your control pause will increase significantly,
  • your symptoms will disappear,
  • your health and endurance will improve,
  • your physical and mental performance will improve,
  • because the oxygen supply to all 37 trillion of your cells will improve.

Rechargeable ● 2 sensitivity levels ● Detailed manual ● Support page ● E-mail support ● 3-year warranty!

For the first 1000 customers, I will send five surprise gifts that support the more effective application of the Buteyko method.
Never before has the Buteyko breathing been applied as effectively as it is now with the Buteyko Smart Belt™!


Gyula Varga-Szilágyi,
Inventor, developer, and manufacturer of the Buteyko Smart Belt™

Buteyko Smart Belt, a worldwide patent!

Reviews of the Buteyko Smart Belt – Experiences and Recommendations

Ildikó Sarkadi

Dear Gyula! You have accomplished something remarkable, not only as a therapist but also as an engineer. The smart belt makes practicing the Buteyko breathing technique much easier. It acts as a guardian angel, alerting us to even the slightest loss of focus. Thank you very much! We wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to take care of their health!

Nikoletta Timár

Dear Gyula!
This is a tremendous invention! I have had asthma for 26 years, and it became severe a few years ago. At the beginning of last year, I was very ill and searched the internet, where I discovered the Buteyko breathing technique…
Back then, my control pause was around 6-7 seconds. Within a year, I reached 25-30 seconds. There were a few occasions when I even reached 40 seconds, and once or twice, I reached 60 seconds. It feels incredibly satisfying. However, I wasn’t always sure if I was doing things correctly because sometimes my breathing deteriorated when I didn’t pay attention to it. I was able to stop taking medication. At the end of August, I saw the video about the Buteyko Smart Belt and immediately ordered it. It helped me realize what I still needed to improve, my posture. Although I knew that posture was important, I struggled to make progress in that aspect. Then I put on the belt, and for me, it’s perfect with the suspenders. After the first use, it already changed my posture. It was very reassuring that at level one, it hardly gave any signals, but at level two, the signals started coming. There is still room for improvement, apparently, but the smart belt is a tremendous help in this regard. An incredibly good “instructor.” Congratulations to Gyula for the invention! I wish it could help many people worldwide! I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone! Comfortable to wear. If we forget about proper breathing, the smart belt immediately alerts us. Even without the belt, my posture remains the same as with it. The best teacher!

Patonyi Tamás

With the smart belt, I can control my breathing much better. It helps a lot that I receive immediate feedback when I take in more air than necessary. The fact that it is made of natural materials is the icing on the cake.🙂 Thank you very much, and I can only recommend it to everyone!!!

Check out how it works!

Reviews of the Buteyko Smart Belt – Experiences and Recommendations

Anita Podmaniczky

I always wanted a device to monitor whether I am breathing correctly. That’s why I was glad to have the opportunity to try the Buteyko Smart Belt. When I use it, I pay more attention to proper breathing and correct posture. If I happen to forget during activities, it alerts me through vibrations. It is also useful for those who couldn’t attend the Buteyko breathing course. 🙂

Mária Nagyné Bubenkó

Thank you very much for the belt! It is finely tuned! Even after just a few days of use, I find it very helpful! I already breathe more attentively. I really like that it comes into contact with my skin through completely natural materials because I will wear it at work, under my clothes. One thing is for sure, if it works for me, I will teach my husband how to use it too! Thank you once again to Gyula Varga-Szilágyi for creating it!

For UK residents
Order your Buteyko Smart Belt directly from our trusty English distributor directly for UK delivery:


The price of the Buteyko Smart Belt is

191 Euros

Shipping is free throughout Europe!

Five Buteyko-surprises included in the box!
All five support the more effective application of the Buteyko method even when you are not wearing the belt.


The belt is 140 cm long and can be cut to size. If you need a length longer than 140 cm, please indicate the desired length in the comments.

After ordering, we will send you the invoice via email, which you can settle by bank transfer or credit card payment. Once the payment is received, we will ship the Buteyko Smart Belt to you via UPS courier, usually within 2 business days.

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    About the Buteyko Breathing Method

    Életmódunk régen és ma

    Due to stress, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating habits, we consume much more air than our ancestors, sometimes two to three times or even more. This results in overbreathing or hyperventilation, leading to an insufficient amount of carbon dioxide in our bodies. However, carbon dioxide acts as a catalyst for oxygen. Without sufficient carbon dioxide, the oxygen in our blood cannot be utilized properly, leading to chronic hypoxia and causing various health issues such as asthma, COPD, allergies, nasal congestion, eczema, high blood pressure, poor circulation, cold extremities, headaches, migraines, anxiety, panic disorder, sleep apnea, snoring, frequent urination, attention deficit, poor concentration, declining physical performance, and reduced stamina, etc…Read more

    The essence of Professor Buteyko’s method is to restore the disrupted respiratory homeostasis by raising the body’s carbon dioxide levels back to normal. This involves reducing the amount of air we breathe per minute, both during inhalation and exhalation. The Buteyko Smart Belt assists in teaching the Buteyko breathing reduction method. While the Buteyko breathing technique may seem simple, only a few people can achieve a sustainable reduction in their breathing without external assistance, allowing their bodies to adjust to the current amount of air intake, or even less. It requires patience and perseverance, as our bodies need time to adapt to this seemingly low, yet normal and healthy level of air intake. Some people give up prematurely because they lack sufficient willpower, perseverance, and patience. The reason is that they can only focus on their breathing and reduce it for a short period. It becomes challenging, for example, to focus on withholding breath even during work or any other activities. Despite reducing our breathing for 10-20-30 minutes, if we do not pay attention afterward, our body will “take back” the amount we withheld, thus undermining what we have built and rendering our breathing reduction practice ineffective. Anyone who has tried to reduce their breathing must have noticed that when successful in reducing breathing, they feel an almost irresistible urge to take one or more large breaths. It is even difficult to resist this incredibly strong urge when we are aware of our breathing and consciously focusing on it. And when we are not paying attention to our breathing because something else occupies our mind, these large breaths are bound to occur, causing us to revert to our pre-breathing reduction state, and we have to start all over again. It’s no wonder that some Buteyko practitioners lose motivation and give up on their goals. However, this can no longer happen to those who use the BUTEYKO SMART BELT™!

    There are two ways to reduce the amount of air we breathe per minute: by taking smaller breaths or by breathing less frequently. Ideally, we should be able to do both simultaneously, meaning taking smaller breaths less frequently. For a beginner, this would be too challenging, and it would likely lead to forced exertion, which not only fails to reduce breathing but might even increase respiratory effort.

    Therefore, I suggest not trying to achieve everything at once. In the beginning, focus on one aspect and gradually incorporate the other. Reducing and slowing down the breathing might seem easier because it can be measured in seconds. However, many people who start with this approach fall into the trap of measuring liters in seconds. Those who solely focus on slowing down their breathing rhythm and attempt to measure it in seconds inevitably start taking larger breaths, especially if they haven’t developed a strong awareness of their breathing. However, we cannot slow down our breathing at the expense of taking larger breaths because, overall, our respiratory ventilation per minute will increase instead of decreasing.

    To be successful in the Buteyko breathing technique, you must first accurately perceive the amount of air you inhale and then develop the ability to take slightly smaller breaths than before. The BUTEYKO SMART BELT™ assists in this process. When properly adjusted, it immediately alerts you if you fail to take small breaths. The belt can significantly shorten the learning process of perceiving and reducing the amount of inhaled air.

    I have created the packaging and other plastics using PLA (polylactic acid) through 3D printing. PLA is a compostable plastic made from corn and is exceptionally strong. The belt itself is made of 100% cotton. The device can be charged from any USB source, and the package includes a charging cable.

    Gyula Varga-Szilágyi